About Swopey

A New Phone. WoW! Feels like moving houses and therefore it takes a moment to get used to it. Re-installing again all data and build the same look & feel is a very intensive, time-consuming and sometimes a quite impossible exercise for many users; leading to a lot of frustration.


… sounds familiar?


It did for Joël Groenland, initial founder of Swopey. He observed a recurring problem. Customer demands and supply, in regard to Same Data Transfer (SDT), is not on the same level. For some of us phone users, data transfer between two similar branded phones is doable, but transferring data from an iPhone to an Android Phone or vice versa is something different. Most of us will not succeed! Of course, there are some methods for data transfer, but they are time consuming, privacy sensitive, difficult and often expensive.


In all of these cases, Swopey is the solution! Using Swopey means that in a very short timeframe all your data can be transferred towards your new mobile phone and the best thing is: even the most un-experienced phone user can do it! For phone suppliers, inserting Swopey into you services means an increase of self-service and NPS.